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Estate Planning And Probate

In Texas, a well-rounded estate plan has many benefits for your family and business. At the law office of Stubbeman, McRae, Sealy, Laughlin & Browder, Inc., our attorneys have decades of combined experience helping individuals and businesses address important estate planning matters. An estate plan is valuable at any age because it not only protects your assets, but also addresses important family decisions such as guardians for minor children, long term care for the elderly or those with special needs, and health care decisions that may arise at any time. Our lawyers can help you draft important estate planning documents and utilize other valuable tools, including:

Protecting Taxable Estates

An estate may be subjected to estate taxes if its value is high enough. With the right planning, you can help protect those assets and lessen the burden of federal and state taxes. For many people and companies, avoiding estate taxes is an important way to protect their assets and their heirs. Through trusts, business succession planning and other techniques, our experienced attorneys can help protect your most valuable assets.

Updating And Reviewing Existing Estate Plans

Estate plans are not meant to be created once and never touched again. In fact, a good estate plan should evolve with your life, changing as your life does.

Whether your estate plan was not handled correctly the first time or you need to make updates due to major life changes, our attorneys can help. We will review your existing estate plan to make sure it reflects your current situation.

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