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Texas Probate And Estate Administration Lawyers

Probate and estate administration can be very complicated for even those appointed as an estate’s administrator. The process is fraught with paperwork, and often requires an in-depth analysis of the decedent’s estate.

The attorneys of Stubbeman, McRae, Sealy, Laughlin & Browder, Inc., in Midland, Texas, have extensive experience representing complex estates through the probate process. We can help distribute an estate correctly and in a timely manner.

Administering Out-Of-State Estates

When an individual passes away in another state and owns property in Texas, the Texas property will require the help of Texas counsel to transfer ownership. Often this may be accomplished with special property record filings in the counties, or may require an ancillary or even an original probate in Texas. Our lawyers have years of experience handling complex title transfers. We can help ensure that property transfers are handled correctly and efficiently.

Handling Contested Estates

There are numerous reasons why an estate would be contested, but a contested estate always complicates the probate process. Our lawyers understand how to effectively resolve contested estates. On behalf of the estate, we strive to protect the wishes of the decedent through comprehensive research and the assistance of experts in various fields.

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